"Music tames the savage beast, turns the savage ale to yeast"

Everything I Say is Wrong

This was my first attempt at writing an album according to the rules at Album-a-day. However, due to an error while converting to metric, this album was actually built in 2.56 days.

26 hours straight of writing and recording, with the mixing and a small number of overdubs done the next day. The experience was heady and exhausting. I think I still hurt.

It's amazing what forced writing can do to you. What it did to me was make my influences more transparent. In this album I can be heard to rip off (in no particular order): The Beatles, XTC, Yes, The Art of Noise, Ben Folds Five, and of course the theme from Doctor Who.

Because, given enough time, all pieces of music eventually turn into the theme from Doctor Who.

But in spite of that, I'm quite happy with the result. I'm particularly surprised that I managed to write a couple of actual songs. With words and everything.

You can listen to the songs online by using this online playlist.

Lost in the Words 2:15  
Thumb War 1:56 (Instrumental)
Crushing Grip of Reason 1:36 (Instrumental)
Words Come Back to Haunt You 1:09 (Instrumental)
Loaf 1:51 (Instrumental)
Punch Drunk in Hyperspace 1:28 (Instrumental)
Even I Don't Believe Me 2:15 (Instrumental)
Everything I Say is Wrong 4:12  
Breathe 4:11  
Total Time: 20:53  

If you download all the songs and want to listen to them in order, download this playlist and put it in the same place as the mp3 files.



Sleep is Evil