"All the amoebas sing!"

Some of My Best Friends are Evil Madmen

What the critics are saying

"On the other hand, the pain might have been caused by the metal spike I stuck in my head to shut out the sound"

-- Tammy McKinnon, WGNZ News

A concept album made in accordance with the rules at Album-a-day; recorded by Alex Spencer and me at Gonzo Lodge (Alex's cottage). For the story of the album's creation, read my log entry here.

Although it's a concept album, the story is a bit complicated. If you're feeling brave, you can skip directly to the songs below. Otherwise, read on...

The Story (so far)

Far back in the mists of time, a terrible accident took place. The intrepid Professor Snodgrass, Ph.D, added too much chocolate to a batch of brownies he was baking. This caused a terrible implosion and the entire universe collapsed into a single atom.

The universe would liked to have collapsed further. Had it done so, all of creation would certainly have perished. Luckily however, at the last second and in the nick of time, the professor's then friend Galbraith the Magnificent pulled the tray of brownies from the oven. So the last atom of the universe was saved. However, in this selfless act, Galbraith lost his thumb.

Thumbless and horribly scarred, Galbraith gradually became evil. He tried to resist his nefarious tendancies via a strictly controlled diet of various puddings, but his hideous transformation was only delayed.

He turned to haberdashery, and began to sell hats that were slightly too small for their wearers - too small by amounts scientifically calculated to cause such ailments as road-rage and televangelism. But now, after years of nefarious hat-selling, he grows weary of this slow plodding course of evil and longs to bring to fruition some grander and more dire plot.

And as for the single atom - well as it turns out, the universe can survive on much fewer atoms than previously anticipated. By a combination of a good many mirrors and some small pieces of string, it contrived things so that all atoms in the universe continued to exist as ghosts of the one remaining atom. That means none of the atoms that we use for everyday things such as mops and the defense industry actually have an independent existence. They are each merely aspects of the atom, viewed differently.

To us average humans, none of this atomic trickery and jiggery-pokery has mattered one fig. Until now. Because, now, after all this time, the atom has been mysteriously stolen...

The Songs

You can listen to the songs online by using this online playlist.

The Chocolate of my Youth 3:37 (lyrics and notes)
The Tex and McGraw Show 10:08  
Pudding 1:19 (lyrics)
Tex and McGraw Return 5:45  
I'm Just an Evil Madman 4:00 (lyrics)
Kenneth, Get the Atom! 0:50 (lyrics)
Why Don't Nobody Listen to Kenny? 1:36 (lyrics)
Everyone Learns the Value of Non-Violence 4:26  
Total Time: 31:41  

If you download all the songs and want to listen to them in order, download this playlist and put it in the same place as the mp3 files.

The Players

Alex Spencer played guitars, string orchestra, vocals and amoeba choir. He also played the characters Tex and Professor Snodgrass.

Michael Graham played keyboards, foot whistle, drums, vocals and paramecium quartet. He also played the characters McGraw, Galbraith and Kenneth.



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