All of your thumb are belong to me.

Some of My Best Friends are Evil Madmen

I'm Just an Evil Madman

(As sung by Galbraith the Magnificant and the intrepid-if-dim Kenneth)

There are heroes, there are kings.
There are legs and there are wings.
I'm just an Evil Genius -
Don't let that get between us.
Some people let things get 'em down
Me, I burn them to the ground.
I'm just a Wicked Villain,
But baby, I'm still willin' to try.
I don't want to be a fireman -
I just want to start a fire.
I don't know why we can't still be friends.
I don't want to save the planet -
Want to go out with a bang.
Why can't you all just let me be?
When I was young I tried saving the world,
And I burned off my thumb pulling you from the fire.
No thanks I got, but I'm scarred to this day;
Now that I hold the atom, I'll make all you pay!
I hold the atom, I will make you pay!
Oh, mister Madman, don't you see that killing is wrong?
Oh, mister Madman, why can't all of us all get along?

Kenneth:    Galbraith:
Hey - what d'ya say we sing a song?    Now that I have you in my clutches I will wreak my revenge on you
How 'bout you and I sing us a song?    And crush all of you like a puppy,
About a puppy,     
or maybe a duckling.    or maybe a duckling.

I've seen sunshine, I've seen rain.
I've made people scream in pain.
So I'm an Evil Bastard,
Trust me you'll thank me after.
You don't have to be a sidekick.
You could come along with me!
We'll rule the world together!
You won't have to call me "father",
But I'd like to call you "son".
Don't make me kill you with them!
I'm going to split into two parts the atom:
The first part will be all the atoms in thumbs;
And the second will be all those not-in-thumbs atoms;
And then I will take everyone's thumb away!
All of your thumbs are belong to me!
Please, mister Madman, won't you leave me out of your dreams.
Please, mister Madman, won't you reconsider your schemes?

Kenneth:    Galbraith:
Hey - what do you say we play a game?    Now that you've spurned me you'll die with the rest of them:
What say you and I play us a game?    All of you pieces in my cosmic game of checkers,
Like checkers,     
or maybe Parcheesi.    or maybe Parcheesi.


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*Parcheesi has got to be a trademark of somebody


REAL madmen play parcheesi..