Ah Spring: sweet season in which the young man's thoughts turn to chocolate!

Some of My Best Friends are Evil Madmen

The Choclate of my Youth

(As sung by Professor Snodgrass, Ph.D and his intrepid-if-dim sidekick Kenneth)
Out of all the sidekicks I chose you, Kenneth,
To fight crime today.
There's a madman on the loose, Kenneth.
We've got to make him pay.
It's a tale of woe and sadness,
From long ago, and far away.
This man, he has the atom...
What atom?
The atom - you know the atom...haven't you been paying attention? I will explain. Hang on a second, let me get my groove in...
(narration ensues...)

Production Notes

  • The reason that the Professor's voice changes halfway through the song is that when we started it we weren't thinking about which of us (Michael or Alex) was going to play what character. So by the time we had decided that Alex would play the Professor, Michael had already recorded the first bit, and we liked the bit about the kipper.
    In an effort to make Michael's voice a little bit more like Alex, we added some E.Q., boosting the midrange and bass. This only made it sound muffled. Oh well.
  • The few times that the Professor's organ playing stops briefly, you are invited to imagine that he is gesturing with both hands.
  • We felt very strongly that the Professor's "groove" would have to be a built in organ sound like a rhumba or a bossa nova. But we couldn't remember what these rhythms would sound like, so we turned to the little-known rhythm section built into my Mellotron sample set.
    But in the end, we just threw some random notes together on a GM drumkit, and put it through one of Logic's groove templates.
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With a kipper and everything...