"It's always darkest before the horrible industrial accident"

How do You Tell What Season it is in Gary, Indiana?

Another attempt to make an Album-a-day; recorded by DAMP (Dana, Alex, Michael, and Peter) on the Weekend of Feb 21, 2003. We didn't quite finish it on time, but we did finish it. I reckon it was about 32 hours including about four hours of sleep.

The Songs

You can listen to the songs online by using this online playlist.

Gary's Theme 3:12
Gary, I'm Stuck on You 3:15  
The Chevy 1:01  
Magic Industry 3:52  
Mania 1:17  
Me and Lefty 1:29  
Vanilla Coke 2:04  
Drunk, Indiana 2:12  
Leaving Gary 2:11  
Total Time: 20:34  

If you download all the songs and want to listen to them in order, download this playlist and put it in the same place as the mp3 files.

The Players

Dana Newby: vocals and spot welding.

Alex Spencer: guitars, keyboards, drums, vocals and smog.

Michael Graham: keyboards, drums, vocals and magnets.

Peter Graham: keyboards and urban sprawl.



It's hard to leave when you can't find your donkey