"Music tames the savage beast, turns the savage ale to yeast"

The Allegory of the Cave - A Micro-Epic

Submitted to KVR's March contest.

Listen here

Running time: 2 minutes (!)

  1. Memory of Sunlight
  2. Echo Chamber
  3.             If you could just see what you believe
                You would believe that you want to believe what you see
  4. The Prisoner's Dilemma
                Dream light
                Sound fury
                Steal soft
                Sun waking
  5. The Onslaught of the Forms
    1. Ascent into Light
    2. The Terrible Truth of Table-ness (in 10/4)
    3. The Melancholy Glory of the Philosopher Kingdom
    4. Transubstantiation













Occam would be so proud