"Any sufficiently advanced Music is indistinguishible from noise"

Works in Progress Music Page

This is my page for works in progress: ideas that are still fermenting, ideas with "stuck" fermentation, and ideas that were just plain vinegar to begin with.

  • Apr 26, 2002: Mustard So I lay down this riff with my guitar though my new effects pedal. Sounds nice. Doesn't mean I can actually play guitar, though. A bit later, added some drums, electric piano and bass. Didn't really help, but it made me feel better. Nevertheless, something about the song just made me want to jump around the room and shout "mustard".
    So I did.
  • Feb 05, 2002: River of Goblins A little Lego piece, created mainly by cut-and-pasting various bits together. Started off as a vague ripoff of XTC's River of Orchids, but ended up somewhere completely different.
  • Jun 16, 2002: The Revenge of St. Daniel This fun little ditty started off as something original, an offshoot from the initial distorted bass riff. However, it quickly devolved into a cheeky rehash of a long forgotten cosmic jam that took place in a land far away in time and space. Today only Vanessa, Daniel and the ghosts of Studio 4 will find it familiar...

Water Songs

A new collection of unfinished songs.













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