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I have given a couple of talks for the Toronto Perl Mongers and At YAPC::Canada. The slides are online here



v0.03 (Jan 29, 2005)

Adds <Location> and <LocationMatch> style matching to your Config::General configuration files.

View the Readme file or the Change Log

Download: Config-General-Match-0.03.tar.gz


v0.04 (Jan 30, 2005)

A plugin for CGI::Application that provides easy access to Config::General config files within your CGI applications, and also provides some default matching rules so you can choose configurations based on URLS, for instance:

        <Site BOOKSHOP>
            title = Books 'r Us
            <Location /admin>
                admin_area = 1
View the Readme file or the Change Log

Download: CGI-Application-Plugin-Config-General-0.04.tar.gz


v1.1.1 (Dec 18, 2003)

A package that simplifies the creation of object constructors in your own modules.

View the Readme file or the Change Log

Download: Class-Constructor-1.1.1.tar.gz


v2.0.2 (Jan 29, 2005)

A module for reading and manipulating Palm Progect databases.

Progect is a hierarchical todo list/organizer/project manager, and is available at http://progect.sourceforge.net/.

Progect itself is free software, released under the GPL.

Version 2.0 of Palm::Progect is a complete rewrite, and includes the following new features:

  • Supports the latest Progect database version (0.23)
  • Automatically loads the proper database driver based on version. This makes it possible to import from one version and export to another.
  • The Import/Export converters are now separate modules, under Palm::Progect::Converter::*. Users can write their own converters for new formats, and place them in a local module tree. New converters can be import-only, export-only or import/export. New converters will appear automatically to the progconv program. Converters can specify their command-line options (which will appear when the user types 'progconv --help'), and will receive these arguments from progconv.
  • Priorities are now imported/exported correctly by the Text format converter. Before, they were ignored, even though the documentation suggested that they were imported and exported.
  • Categories are now imported/exported correctly, and you no longer get the "Your Preferences have been deleted" message. Full Preferences support is not quite there, however.

View the Readme file or the Change Log

Download: Palm-Progect-2.0.1.tar.gz

For Luddites and the timid, Palm::Progect version 1.0.2 is still available here

Movable Type Extensions


v0.2.0 (Sep 28, 2003)

MT::Digest is a system for producing a plain text version of the entries in a blog. The plain text version is suitable for distributing as a newsletter, or sharing on peer to peer systems.

MT::Digest is a CGI based program that runs on the Movable Type platform. If you already have Movable Type up and running on your server, then MT::Digest should be easy to install.

Download the distribution, unpack it and read the Readme file.

Download: MT-Digest-0.2.0.tar.gz

I recently gave a 10 minute lightening talk on the architecture of this module for the Toronto Perl Mongers. The slides are available online here


Gtk-Perl on Cygwin

Version 0.0.6 Apr 28, 2002

A brief guide on how to get Gtk-Perl running under Cygwin on Windows 2000. Not for the faint of heart.

In fact, the last time I tried to follow my own instructions, I myself failed. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time or motivation to get Gtk-Perl working under Win32. If somebody else (with more interest in gtk on win32) would like to take this document off my hands, please let me know.













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