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Full length Talks

CGI Programming we're really proud of

(with Richard Dice) TPM - Mar 31, 2005 [Abstract]

The subject of this talk, CGI::Application::Framework, is not yet up on CPAN, but a pre-release version is available here


Way back in 2003, I presented two Perl talks at YAPC::Canada. These were reworkings of the talks that I gave at Toronto Perl Mongers meetings. Each talk used to be around 1.5 to 2 hours long. Each is now 45 minutes or so.

From Test::Simple to Test::Extreme

YAPC::Canada - May 15-16, 2003 [Abstract]

An Introduction to Class::DBI

YAPC::Canada - May 15-16, 2003 [Abstract]


Lightening Talks

I've presented a few lightning talks at the Toronto Perl Mongers:

Password Generation Strategies (2004)

Become A Hoplite in the Kwalitee Phalanx (2003)

Movable Type Plugins for World Peace (2003)

Slide Creation Software

These new talks were created with a slide program devised by Indy Singh of the Toronto Perl Mongers. More details to follow.













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